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Ubara Weddings
What we offer
Competent and Dedicated Professionals

I’ve been photographing weddings, events, families for over 5 years. I was trained in school. I understand every lighting situation, can shoot for every situation and make my clients comfortable in any situation. All I ask for is your trust in me and my experience will speak for itself.

First class photo editing and retouching
I have the gift of seeing beauty in any situation. Some of the best pictures I’ve taken needed to be ‘touched-up’ further. Please have take a look at this example of my editing skills:
Every Emotion Captured

I am extremely in tune with the emotions of the day. I will always be there to ensure every tear, every smile, every emotion of the wedding day is expertly captured. I always shoot with a second and sometimes third photographer to ensure I am able to give my couples my full attention. This day is once in a life time and I have the equipment and emotional intelligence to capture it technically and metaphysically.

Luxurious Hand Made Heirlooms
A stunning , eye catching canvas might show off your gown, and your grooms dapper style with his amazing suite, but it doesn’t tell the full story of your wedding day. There are other paramount details of the story that need to be told and your album is your legacy of those moments. Your memories, your babies, your loved ones deserve to be placed in a hand made heirloom item, not just stored in a dusty forgotten flash drive. I have plenty of options to choose from, whether it’s lamb leather, vegan leather, Japanese Silk, or Velvet, all of my products are of high quality and the best long lasting design.
EYE 👁 for Details
As a professional story teller, i pride myself on noticing the tiniest of details of the wedding day and capturing them differently. I see the beauty in every shot, in every pose, in every situation. For example, the picture to the left of the bouquet. Someone else might have seen pretty florals in a lap. I saw a gorgeous bouquet, amongst the backdrop of her sparkly, well designed dress. The Designer, Lyn, of Lily V Events, has this hanging in her PA showroom.
Posing, Direction and Help to feel comfortable
In my eyes, you are a super model. You are a cover girl. I will ensure that you have THE BEST make up artist, the most jaw dropping outfit so that the posing and direction you will be given during our shoot will be amplified by those choice vendors. I have the ability to make my clients feel comfortable, at home and like long time friends. There is no pressure to take a COVER PHOTO, but I guarantee with me, I will bring out your inner Cover Girl, Essence magazine star, GQ self!!

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